Desert finch (Rhodospiza obsoleta)

21267737.hwzsy4xipwThe male mantle, head, neck and crop pale brownish sand, the back is slightly darker than the chest. Bridle and feathers at the base of the beak are black. Abdomen and undertail are white. Nadhvoste and flanks brown clay. Flight feathers are black with white and pink edges on outer webs which form the middle of the folded wings of a large pink spot, closer to the top – white.

Female male lighter. Flight and tail feathers are dark brown with white edges. Pink spot on the wing paler than in the male. Bridle and feathers at the base of the beak ocher sand.

Young females are colored, large upper wing coverts are brown with reddish-yellow tops. The beak is bright, dirty yellow, blackish in winter.

Weight birds: 17,5-28 city