Red Cap reel (Serinus pusillus)

Krasnoshapochnyiy-vyurok-korolevskiy-ili-korolkovyiyRed-fronted serin, or Red Cap reel, reel or Royal (Serinus pusillus) – small (11-12 cm long) bird family of finches, living in the highlands.

Breeding range includes the Caucasus and the high mountains of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. Sometimes in the winter the bird flies to the eastern islands of the Aegean Sea, and is also found in Ladakh (India). Outside the breeding season, small flocks of finches Korol’kova wander in search of a thistle bush. Species often found in captivity, so separate “fugitives” are found throughout Europe.

Painting of birds vary. Adults like very dark chechёtok. Dark chest, forehead red spot. Young brown-brown head.