2553_bigLizard – the most numerous and widespread group of modern reptiles. Appearance lizards are extremely diverse. Their head, torso, legs and tail may be to some extent modified and deviate significantly from the usual type, familiar to everyone. In some species the body markedly compressed laterally, while others – terete or flattened from top to bottom, the third – the truncated cylindrical or elongate as snakes, lizards, some of which are almost indistinguishable in appearance. Most species have two pairs developed five-fingered limbs, but in some cases retained only the front or rear pair of legs, and the number of fingers can be reduced to four, three, two, one, or they do not exist at all. For most lizards characteristic incomplete ossification of the front of the skull, the presence of sometimes not completely closed the superior temporal arc, durable fusion of the upper jaw with the rest of the cranial bones and the presence of specific columnar bones that connect the roof of the skull with his base. The jaws are equipped with lizards are usually well developed unimodal or MNV teeth that are attached to the inner side (plevrodontnye) or to the outer edge (akrodontnye teeth). Often the teeth are also available on the palatine, pterygoid and some other bones. Often they are differentiated on the false teeth, incisors and molars. Akrodontnye teeth are erased with the aging of the animal and is no longer replaced