The symbolism of the turtle in the world

48025131_175Turtle in the interpretation of the character from a psychological point of view is a picture of the animal, which expresses the power and the ability to search protection against any attack from the outside. “It has something of the ancient soundless life, which is always under the threat could crawl in yourself” (Aeppli). The same role it plays in the symbolic book by End “Mo-mo.” In ancient Chinese painting of the universe mentioned Ao ancient animal, sea turtle cosmic dimensions, which rests on the back of the Earth. Stone sculptures of turtles with a stove on the back of a magical way to serve to the stability of the cosmos. Ao Shan (Mount Ao) should be placed naOstrovah Promised Land (Islands of the Blessed). The animal is represented as a fire-eater, and his figure skating roofs are considered talismans that protect against fire. In the Chinese system of symbolic analogies is personified as one of the five sacred animals north, water and winter. In ancient times, Chinese culture pieces of tortoise shell were used for predictions, probably because of the number plates on the edge (24), which corresponded to the number of sections of the agricultural calendar.tea-pet-w30-Victory-god-turtleFengshui-font-b-Symbol-b-font-of-good-luck
Because of the long life of the turtle was considered a symbol of longevity, because of the constant symbol of invulnerability order. Yet in the first place are the associations that govern the cosmic order. In antiquity, the turtle because of the multiplicity of eggs per clutch was considered a symbol of fertility, because of its “quiet isolation” – a symbol of decent love, due to the long life – the epitome of indomitable vitality. In patristic animal, “living in the mud” became a symbol of attachment to the land, but St. Ambrose (c. 340-397) pointed out that out of its shell, you can make a musical instrument with seven strings, which gives the heart pleasing art. The protective function of tortoise shell in antiquity used in magic rituals, and set in gold “eyes” turtle considered an amulet from the evil eye.
A role turtles (sea turtles as mounts mythical ancestors) also played in the art and mythology of ancient Mexico.
In India, the turtle was considered the second incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu.