mif3Symbol turtle North American tribes was the “circle with six projections that indicate the head, tail and feet.” Lakota Indians believed that “the original turtle was huge, powerful, dangerous and clever. One source of its power lies in the ability to act both in water and on land. “Therefore turtle attributed function “guardian of life,” and the first thing her image was placed on the navel newborn. In this case, one piece cut the umbilical cord with aromatic leaves invested in a bag in the form of a turtle, and the second buried in the ground. Bag-bug child had to wear on the back, and when he started to walk and play pranks, said he was “looking for his umbilical cord.”

The Indians of America Cosmic Tree growing from the back of a turtle. The symbolism of the hero-creator of the world is maintained in the mythology of the North American Indians, where the land turtle raises from the depths. Also, in the mythology of Native American Turtle is the element of Earth, the mother of all fatty creatures feed them and take an after life cycle. Indians associated with the moon and the tortoise of the  cycle, as well as with the power of the feminine. Some turtle carapace consists of thirteen plates, and the lunar year consists of thirteen lunar cycles. Many assume that on this basis there was a symbolic link between the moon and the tortoise. Turtle Рa symbol of the great matriarchs of the world. In Lakota turtle (or rather the spirit turtle, Keya) Рalmost the only zoomorphic figure among the three dozen major participants in the events era creation. Most of the rest is anthropomorphic or monstrous appearance, many are associated with space and atmospheric objects and phenomena.