imagesIn China, the common belief, if the turtle has the gift of prediction (hence the custom to speculate on the patterns of its shell). Pieces of tortoise shell were used for predictions, probably because of the number plates on the edge of the shell (24), which corresponded to the number of sections of the agricultural calendar. In the same country turtle revered as being highly spiritual and symbolized the watery element, yin, winter, northern areas, the black color of the primary chaos, as well as strength and stamina. Because of its survivability turtles were considered a symbol of “long life”, and thanks to its invulnerability – the embodiment of steadfast order. Turtle is often portrayed with a crane as a symbol of longevity.

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Turtle – a symbol of progress. The main advantage of this talisman that it attracts luck, makes higher standard of living, helps to perfectly solve all of life’s problems and affairs, as well as promote the growth of income.
Talisman “turtle feng shui” mainly assists host family because turtle shell symbol – stability and reliability. A person who has a turtle mascot, will always be protected.
In addition to longevity, wisdom and health, the turtle is still a symbol of hard work, which will certainly be rewarded. Black turtle is considered the guardian of the North, that’s why feng shui always recommends that you do always working rooms on the north side